Omnichannel Fulfillment

made simple for you.

Frontier Wireless Corporation serves as a third-party logstics (3PL) fulfillment center with expertise in omnichannel solutions. Discover comprehensive fulfillment services tailored to your requirements. Utilizing the advaned iM3 SCM Suite Warehouse Management System (WMS), we seamlessly integrate with your API, facilitating smooth order processing. Our customer portal offers real-time tracking and inventory updates. We prioritize accessibility and are committed to ensuring constant availability to address the needs of our valued customers.


Through our iM3 SCM Suite WMS, we’ve established a direct connection to your API for efficient order dropping. As new orders come in, our system seamlessly communicates with yours, automating the process and ensuring real-time updates. This integration streamlines the entire order lifecycle, from placement to fulfillment.


Upon shipment arrival, our integrated system springs into action. Items are inspected and labeled with SKUs, with data immediately updating through the iM3 SCM Suite WMS. A customer portal will be provided for live inventory and tracking. We also hold QBRs which allow you to address any concerns and see your analytics.


Leveraging the streamlined data flow from our software, our shipping process is both swift and error-free. As orders come in, our team efficiently retries items and ensures secure packing and labeling. The parcel is then moved into our carrier network. We are also able to leverage our volume to get customers special rates.


Accuracy Rate

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Orders Ship on Time

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Cost Savings

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Price Beat Guarantee

Frontier Wireless Corporation is now offering to beat the price of any other fulfillment center! Contact us for more information!

Frontier Advantage


Frontier Wireless Corporation offers uncomparable flexibility. We have a dedicated account manager who can be reached anytime during business hours. We take pride in accomodating our customers, no matter how small they are.

iM3 SCM Suite WMS

iM3, being a cloud-based solution, can be integrated without substantial investments in IT equipment or staffing. Information and data are automatically updated, accessible from any Internet-enabled device, providing iM3 customers with enhanced cash flow, improved accuracy and timeliness of invoicing, efficient inventory control, reduced inventory costs, and real-time access to sales orders, work orders, and invoices. Offering high customization, iM3 supports your entire operation.

*iM3 SCM / 3PL is a logo/trademark of the company name PeoplePlus Software


Frontier Wireless Corporation offers fully customizable services to any company.

At Frontier Wireless Corporation, we pride ourselves on our commitment to addressing unique projects and accommodating diverse requests with the utmost proficiency. No matter the nature of the task, we strive to tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of each company we work with. Whether it involves special projects or unique requests, our dedicated team is determined to deliver exceptional service. We assure you that, regardless of the complexity, we will always exert our best efforts to provide customizable solutions that align with your requirements.

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Frontier uses 5S and Lean Manufacturing to ensure that your orders are being shipped out accurately in a timely manner. By utilizing these methodologys, we are able to make our warehouse a safer and more efficient workplace.

Fulfillment Rates

Contact us for fulfillment rates. Every customer has a different process and time frame, so we always do a cost-anaylsis and test run before giving our customers a quote/SLAs so that we are able to underpromise and overdeliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding onboarding or want to learn more about Frontier’s experience? Well, we’ve got answers.

How do we get started with Frontier?

Frontier has a onboarding process set in place to make it as seamless and hassle-free as possible for our new customers. In customer success, our dedicated account manager will hold weekly meetings to go over metrics and updates until you are completely settled in. We will continue to hold QBRs after you are transferred to operations.

How can we move to Frontier from a different 3PL?

At Frontier Wireless, we know how important it is to make switching from another fulfillment center to us as straightforward and affordable as possible. We’ve put in place procedures to ensure a smooth transition. Our team is dedicated to providing full support throughout the process, making it easy for you. We focus on efficiency to reduce any disruptions to your operations while keeping costs low. With Frontier Wireless, moving your fulfillment needs becomes a simple and cost-effective endeavor.

What does Frontier specialize in?

Frontier specializes in industries with complex serialization. We are also very experienced in omnichannel fulfillment. This allows us to handle everything for you. We offer drop shipping, pick-pack shipping, warehousing, reverse logistics, and special projects. To sum it up, we do everything A-Z so that you can focus on growing your business.

What sets Frontier apart from other 3PLs?

With 19 years of experience, Frontier prioritizes honesty and trust without overcharging. As a medium-sized fulfillment center, we handle special requests with ease, offering prompt responses and easy expedition. Our dedicated account manager is available for prompt assistance during business hours. Additionally, Frontier Wireless excels in omnichannel fulfillment and has extensive experience in complex serialization. Trust Frontier for reliable, tailored solutions to meet all your fulfillment needs.