Reverse Logistics / Quality Control

In every business, customers have the tendency to return products for a number of reasons. Though it is an unfortunate reality, we work hard to make sure your financial loss is as minimal as possible. At Frontier Wireless Corporation, we offer reverse logistics through our iM3 SCM / 3PL software to process these returns and exchanges.

A common figure in the distribution industry is the 5 Rs of reverse logistics:

  • Returns
  • Reselling
  • Repairs
  • Repackaging
  • Recycling

At Frontier Wireless Corporation, we have perfected these practices and can offer your business efficient and accurate reverse logistics. Though returns and refunds are unavoidable, our quality control for all order fulfillments can bring down your return rates. When the orders are completely accurate when they leave our facilities, your customers are less likely to request a refund.

Through our iM3 SCM / 3PL software, the product we pick, pack, and ship matches exactly what was ordered and set to our fulfillment center. Our staff is renowned for accuracy and professionalism and can efficiently pack and ship your orders without error.

To save yourself from the stress of reverse logistics, choose to store and ship your product through Frontier Wireless Corporation. Our industry-leading quality control will drastically improve order accuracy and fulfillment.

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*iM3 SCM / 3PL is a logo/trademark of the company name PeoplePlus Software

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