Frontier Wireless Corporation was founded in 2005 by CEO Matthew Park. After graduating in 1993 as a business major from the College of Notre Dame, he started the company with 1 employee.

As of 2023, the company has now expanded to 25 employees which are all ready to help you fulfill and store your products in a 25k sq.ft state of the art warehouse space. We strive for efficiency and accuracy using our iM3 SCM / 3PL warehouse management software. Our company provides many services such as kitting, reverse logistics, drop shipping, bulk order fulfillment, pick-pack-shipping, warehousing, and quality control.

Our team is very focused and gets things done which is why we have extra employees at our disposal to help out when needed so all your big projects get done asap. FWC was in the business of selling phones and tablets for 17 years which eventually led to fulfillment and warehousing. The reason why we are different from competitors such as Brightstar and Amazon is that we are always flexible when it comes to expediting orders and special customer requests. We hope you will join the team! Please feel free to email us to schedule a meeting/consultation.

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