About us

As of 2023, the company has now expanded to 35+ employees which are all ready to help you fulfill and store your products in a 25k sq.ft state of the art warehouse space. We strive for efficiency and accuracy using our iM3 SCM / 3PL warehouse management software. Our company provides many services such as kitting, reverse logistics, drop shipping, bulk order fulfillment, pick-pack-shipping, warehousing, and quality control.

Our team is very focused and gets things done which is why we have extra employees at our disposal to help out when needed so all your big projects get done asap. FWC was in the business of selling phones and tablets for 17 years which eventually led to fulfillment and warehousing. The reason why we are different from competitors such as Brightstar and Amazon is that we are always flexible when it comes to expediting orders and special customer requests. We hope you will join the team! Please feel free to email us to schedule a meeting/consultation.

The Frontier Team

Meet the team.

Matt Park

ceo | co-owner | Founder

Founded in 2005 by Matt, Frontier Wireless Corporation began with device sales and later transitioned to 3PL fulfillment around 2014. Starting from scratch, Matt laid the foundation for the company, setting the stage for its success for the last 19 years.

Karl Park

Executive VP | co-owner

Karl, the EVP at Frontier, showcases strong leadership skills and considerable experience in sales. He played a crucial role in establishing and growing the company, even before the addition of a dedicated sales team.

Jimmy Navas

account manager

As Frontier’s Account Manager, Jimmy Navas brings experience in resolving customer’s issues. His prior role as Operations Manager equips him well to address any customer issues out on the floor. Jimmy is committed to doing his best to resolve problems efficiently.

Chris Quiroz

operations | inventory manager

Chris, with extensive experience, proves his capability as the lead for inventory. He is remarkably meticulous, making him the best candidate for the job. Chris adeptly manages all reports associated with inventory, showcasing his proficiency in this crucial role.