​Frontier Wireless Corporation
Frontier Wireless is a global leader in wireless distribution and fulfillment service provider, who understands each customer's needs, and we custom-taylor to your needs and specifications.  Our industry-experienced team can provide A-Z in all your wireless needs from new and used cell phones, tablets, and many different wireless accessories.  In addition, we provide full line of fulfillment services including flashing, programming, kitting, and reverse logistics.  Our business philosphy is based on integrity, flexibility, and cost-effective operations.​​

​​Certified Preferred Vendor (R2 Certified)

​​Frontier Wireless is a Certified Preferred Vendor for two of the major carriers in the United States, namely Sprint and Verizon Wireless.  We carry variety of different products that cater to MVNOs for both carriers, from flip phones to high end smart phones, from used condition to brand new phones and accessories. 

Our experienced MVNO fulfillment team that can provide all the time-consuming, labor-intensive services including flashing, programming, de-kitting and kitting, and shipping, all in one low flate rate so that you can focus on sales and marketing of your products and programs.  This presents truly a win-win situation for both companies.